10 years ago I had a get-together for my 50th birthday and I wanted to give everybody that came some sort of memento.  I decided on a compilation CD to celebrate the day and share some of the music I was listening to at the time, it wasn’t my “Desert Island Discs” or anything profound.  It wasn’t supposed to say anything apart from “here is some music I’m enjoying at the moment, I hope you enjoy it too”.  It went down well, everyone seemed to like it.

I don’t know where the time has gone or how it happened but, since then another decade has gone by.  Listening back to the CD now it gives me great memories of that time in my life and all the people that helped me celebrate my half century on this planet.

Music has always meant a lot to me and I celebrated another big birthday in 2018.  As part of that celebration I’m doing this blog to put up a song for each year to share a snapshot of the music that for one reason or another has moved me during my life.  And how both the music that I enjoy, and I have changed over the years.  All things of course were not equal, I did not keep to the 1 a week schedule and having just celebrated my 60th birthday I’m just over half way though.  I’m going to finish it sometime before I’m 61 so I don’t have to change the name, I hope you continue to enjoy my offerings.


Bill South Downs