Throughout South East Asia you were never very far from a bus stop and a local lad (they were all lads the girls had something to do) learning to play the guitar...


We hitched around New Zealand, and became convinced the whole population, well those that gave lift’s to complete strangers, was slightly eccentric... It’s a beautiful country with fantastic people, we had a great time


There are some sights in this world that no matter how many photos you see of them you are still not prepared for exactly how spectacular they are, I hadn’t actually arrived in Australia when I got my first view of the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House, we flew over the city on our way into the airport.


I played a few games of rugby for London Irish, about 27th team as far as I could make out. Just like Sunday morning football, rugby at this level has its issues with getting a full side out, but it goes about it in a very different way.


Sometime in 1988 I was given a book to read, I still struggled with reading somewhat and apart from textbooks I hadn’t read anything longer than an article in the newspaper or a comic (mostly Viz) since I’d left school over a decade ago.


I had to make a choice, it wasn't that tricky I just went for the one offering the most money and my love / hate relationship with the London construction industry was about to begin.


We had two family weddings, I had the privilege to escort my sister down the aisle... and Mum got married again – I wore the same suit!


They gave me a “hand me down” Ford Capri and insisted that I move into the district. So in December 1984 we moved 30 miles up the road to Wellingborough


We got another dog, but - no more rescue dogs for us, oh no I had now lost that argument as well. This time we got an Irish (Red) Setter, full on pedigree, all the paperwork and everything.