That’s me in what passed for a garden in 1960 in rural England.  1960, just like 1959, passed without me noticing it much, my brother is born, I don’t remember it, I was 15 months old.  They say, that remembering a sibling being born or hospitalisation is probably one of your earliest memories, but not until we are about 2 so I don’t feel that bad about not remembering.

He’ll Have to Go by Jim Reeves – which is not a reference to my brother – is my track for 1960, it really could have been anything by Jim Reeves or Mantovani.  That’s what was playing on my grandma and grandad’s record player and that’s where I was hearing music in the early 1960s, if not 1960, the memories of hearing these records “at grandma’s” almost certainly doesn’t come from 1960, but it kind of fits in with my childhood.  I don’t know what would have been playing at home, it could have been the radio BBC’s Home Service or the Light Programme or some shortwave programme in Russian or German selected by my dad.  It almost certainly wasn’t music we didn’t have anything other than a radio for entertainment, and in any case, there was probably too much noise to hear anything with 2 children under 2 in the house.

Track for 1960, is He’ll Have to Go by Jim Reeves

What Else Happened in 1960.

Prime Minister Harold Macmillan makes his wind of change speech, Denis Law moves from Huddersfield Town to Manchester City for a then record £55,000, Lady Chatterley’s lover is republished following the lifting of its ban and Coronation Street starts.  On the last day of the year National Service ends and the farthing ceases to be legal tender.

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