Photo109 Croped

That is me aged about 6 months, so it must be from some time in 1959.  As befits someone that happy I do not remember Sing Something Simple from 1959, rather unsurprisingly I don’t have any memories from the year.  So here we go my first big piece of poetic license Sing Something Simple started 1959, and this is where I have put it in.  It was the soundtrack to Sunday evenings throughout my primary school years – bath time, making sure you know where all the component parts of your school uniform are and early to bed looking forward to another joyous week at school, of which more later.

Track for 1959, is (the theme from) Sing Something Simple Cliff Adams singers The theme is at the start of the clip.

What Else Happened in 1959.

Fidel Castro comes to power in Cuba, the Dalai Lama is forced into exile from Tibet.  The hovercraft was officially launched, Barclays is the first UK bank to get a computer and there is an experiment going on in Norwich – as the UK introduces postcodes.  Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club opens in Soho, London.  Ivor the Engine made its TV debut & Ian Fleming’s novel Goldfinger is published.

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