Whether I remember Telstar from 1962 or not isn’t really a matter for debate, on the basis that I don’t remember another single thing from 1962, I probably don’t.  The single has always been knocking around in the family somewhere but as “we” didn’t have a record player in 62 I wouldn’t have heard it at home.


The one standing is me, I have either become very camera shy or I am looking distinctly sorry for whatever it was I’ve just been told off for, maybe I was teaching my brother to climb trees, when he was barely old enough to have completely mastered the art of walking… Who knows?

Track for 1962, is

Telstar by the Tornadoes

The Hole in the Ground, by Bernard Cribbins was the classic comedy song from 1962, and unlike Charlie Drake from 1961 it endeared itself to me.  I still quite like it and its “I am doing it my way, if you want it done your way get on and do it or shut up” metaphor.

What Else Happened in 1962.

The Sunday Times becomes the first paper to print a colour supplement, Margot Fonteyn and Rudolf Nureyev first dance together in a Royal Ballet performance of Giselle.  In sport, Accrington Stanley become the 1st and only club to leave the football league in the middle of the season, Glasgow’s trams stop running, the film Lawrence of Arabia is released, as is the Antony Burgess book A Clockwork Orange

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