...we were pretty good, if you compared us to other pub volleyball teams that is, I don’t doubt for 1 moment that if you had put us in a sports hall against a “proper” team we would have been rubbish.


1981 was a big year for me, in no particular order I passed my HNC, brought my first house, got married and had a major car crash.


Sunday morning football was always a bit of a lottery, and that was before it kicked off, the entire time between waking and getting to the ground revolved around scouring the village, knocking on doors trying to round up enough people to play.


They turned our village pub into a carvery! The fact that it became a carvery didn’t matter too much either way, if it hadn’t of been that it would have been something else...


...off we would toddle with our clipboard and our map round the roundabouts and new estates of Milton Keynes and up and down the country lanes of North Buckinghamshire and South Northamptonshire.


One of the other things I learnt while out with the cricket team was drinking, I would get bought a rather innocuous “Shandy” in the clubhouse after the game...


Learning to be an electrician involved a few things that I hadn’t expected... and clearing up the mess created by breaking my flask...


Then on 01 September 1975 I started work, well training school. There were 60 of us 16 year olds scattered around Nottingham in various digs.


My political career starts when I join the Youth Club committee, then promptly comes to an abrupt halt when after 2 or 3 meetings...


My teenager’s fuzzy logic was trying to sort out the answers to the perennial questions, how do I fit into the world? What is normal, I want to be normal, am I normal?