Whether I remember Telstar from 1962 or not isn't really a matter for debate, on the basis that I don’t remember another single thing from 1962, I probably don’t.


Properly in the 60’s now then, and I’m pretty confident that my 1st real memory comes from 1961 actually from Christmas 1961 not anything profound like opening presents, or a decorated tree or anything about Jesus Christ, saving in the world.


That’s me in what passed for a garden in 1960 in rural England.  1960, just like 1959, passed without me noticing it much, my brother is born, I don’t remember it, I was 15 months old.  They say, that remembering a sibling being born or hospitalisation is probably one of your earliest memories, but not until we are about 2 so I don’t feel that bad about not remembering.


That is me aged about 6 months, so it must be from some time in 1959.  As befits someone that happy I do not remember Sing Something Simple from 1959, rather unsurprisingly I don’t have any memories from the year.  So here we go my first big piece of poetic license Sing Something Simple started 1959, and this is where I have put it in. 


In October 1958, I was dragged or more probably pushed kicking and screaming into this world.  I have no recollection of 1958 I was only here for just over 2 months of it, so mum has chosen this 1st track.  Apparently Volare (Nel Blu Dipinto di Blu) by Dean Martin was everywhere,