The big hit of the year was Mouldy Old Dough by Lieutenant Pigeon, which I remember, with little affection, from late-night listening to radio Luxembourg – apparently it was a big hit in Belgium.


Life at Secondary Modern School was dominated by hormones, spots, mullets and most particularly bullies not all of whom were sponsored by the state.


For the first half of the year we were getting very excited about the Mexico World Cup finals, we were trying to collect aluminium coins of the whole England world cup squad.


One day in 1969 Mum went out to work and came home with a record player.


The proof of purchase my mum chose to use was the labels from tins of canned fruit, consequently we had a cupboard full of tins without any labels on.


Meanwhile, I was dressed in a rather fetching hand-me-down zip through yellow cardigan that never fitted me properly, made me skin itch and to my mind looked revolting.


In the summer of 1966 I was 7 and England won the World Cup, most of my memories from this year revolve around football, my earliest football memory is not from the World Cup, but from just before.


Marry Poppins & Help by the Beatles, are the first colour films that I saw, so that means that they are the 1st colour reproduction of anything I saw. Before 1965 the past and everything beyond my horizon existed in black and white.


Bits and Pieces by the Dave Clark 5 is the first song I remember seeing on the tele’ and the first song that made me look up from whatever it was I was doing and go “wow what’s that”.


1963 started off by snowing - a lot - and in some areas of the UK snow was still lying around for a “White Easter” in the middle of April.